Welcome to Silence and Meditation - Be your Silence

Welcome to Silence and Meditation - Be your Silence, now expanding to the international language of the world. We started 3 years ago with a page on Facebook in Spanish called "Presencia Interior", whose motto is "Tune in to your Inner Sun", later in 2019 the name Silence and Meditation emerged, whose practice together with mindfulness, allow us to enter into connection with our Being, that Inner Presence or Witness Consciousness. There are so many adjectives to describe the indescribable and this page was born from this inner guide. Our Spanish speaking community on Facebook has more than 160,000 members in its groups and page, now we have a group and a page on Facebook which can be found by searching or click on "Silence and Meditation".

We believe that the change we want to see in the world will begin from within each one of us and each person has much to contribute, the individual transformation is connected to the collective evolution to another state of consciousness and this is what we promote. Tune in to your Inner Sun. 🌞

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