Currently many contemplate that spiritual awakening consists in recognizing that we are consciousness, a greater intelligence that goes far beyond the limits and even repetitive thoughts that our minds constantly generates. An awakened person begins to observe the mind in order to not to be trapped in it all the time, recognizes it as another instrument, not as the true identity, because they realize that the ego-mind is trapped in duality, in what the good and the bad, in endless judgments, in the limitation of time, in more of the same.

Many people start the spiritual path because they can not stand suffering anymore and discover that there is an infinite universe beyond the confines of their personality, they understand that they are much more than their thoughts and emotions, so they dare to feel, without cataloging anything as good or bad, because light enters through inner silence, in the no-mind and thus they are healing repressed energy while others evade it. Others have mystical experiences in which they connect with the spiritual world, allowing them to discover the true essence of things.

However, stagnation can occur in spiritual evolution, no matter how many mystical experiences one has, no matter how many meditations are done, the ego is still there, generating both positive and negative thoughts, reactions and the usual, there is no real lasting satisfaction there, then, evasion and lack of acceptance can also occur, some people do not like the human experience, they do not see sense of it and enter a state of denial with the world around them and therefore more suffering occurs. Or perhaps some think that by decreeing or affirming they are going to achieve something better than they already are in essence, ignoring of course that this is a trap of the same dual character that keeps them caught in the duality of this plane.

A lot it is said about we are going through from the age of Pisces to Aquarius, and this means innovation, we have to do things differently, in a better way, leave behind beliefs, programs and illusions and begin to be consciousness, to be God. Just look at how we have lived so far and we can realize that an ego-driven world is self-destructive and unsustainable. That is why this year 2020 has been totally significant externally and internally for humanity, structures are collapsing that no longer can be tolerated inside as outside, we are learning to live from the being, breathing consciously, taking the pauses that are necessary to connect with ourselves, realizing that in silence we find immeasurable peace and joy, which are not compared to anything outside.

There will be people who have to experience difficult experiences, feel repressed emotions, heal the past, but this is part of the liberation, by saying yes to life, from neutrality, without cataloging anything as good or bad, we have a great opportunity for healing , and therefore evolution.

The invitation is, of course, to live life with acceptance, to leave the past and the complaint behind, to begin to be grateful for being, because an infinite intelligence sustains us and knows much more about us than our limited personality, if we are here living this experience it is because we decided so, our higher self prepared this experience for its evolution, because it is a fascinating plane full of challenges from which we learn to recognize that there is nothing better than our essence.

We are not supposed to avoid darkness, but assume it, recognize it and observe it silently when it arises within, bringing awareness, this is how love transforms it into light, we all have this great capacity and power to be channels of healing in the world. When a critical mass lives in inner peace, it will be reflected on the outside, as within so without, we are all one.

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