Meditation is quite simple, meditating means to stop and listen to your body and your breathing, hence there are different ways of practicing meditation: either sitting or lying down, incorporating a mantra or visualizing an image; Meditation can also involve movements.

Here are some of the best known practices:

- ZEN: Zen or Buddhist meditation involved sitting in the considered lotus position and counting the repetition of your breath (inhaling and exhaling) and silencing the mind to reach stillness and disconnecting the mind from being constantly thinking.

- Vipassana: Originally from India is based on focusing attention on sensations to see things as they are.

- Goal meditation or meditation on loving kindness: this helps to cultivate positive feelings towards and towards others. Through meditation imagining those you love and extending your love towards them and especially towards those who have some conflict.

- Mantra or OM: It is done by singing a mantra or repeating the syllable om. It is said that the vibrations that originate from chanting mantras have the power to readjust the molecular structure of the body.

- Transcendental: It should be practiced for 20 minutes 2 times a day to create a deep state of relaxation both in the body and in the brain.

- Yogic: includes the following practices:

o Display of the 7 Chakras, o Practice of Kundalini and Tantra medication means the cultivation and release of energy located at the base of the spine. o Kriyas: it is the connection with a higher power o Look at the practice of looking closely at an object such as candlelight.

- Contemplative meditation: it is the spiritual practice (like the practice of mantras) but it concentrates on repeating a word and again with the purpose of blank the mind.

After reading this article I invite you to leave your mobile or computer on one side, place an alarm that should sound in the next 2 or 5 minutes, close your eyes and listen to your breathing, observe without emitting any judgment to any thought you can go and come. I assure you that you will feel better in the second that you open your eyes.

From Stefanie Del Moral for Silence and Meditation - Be Your Silence🙏🌞❤️

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