In the darkest night is when the light shines the brightest, in the northern hemisphere after passing the longest night and the shortest day, was a

day full of energy suitable for meditation and reflection.

The message that came to me is the fact of being able to discern at all times in order to live our peace, meditation is not just sitting in a quiet place to find the peace that we are, it is being the silence that observes any noise at all times, the purpose of our life on earth is to be that peace and expand it with others.

Being your silence does not mean staying silent or not doing things, but staying alert and in a meditative state, with acceptance, letting thoughts pass and responding calmly to the challenges or provocations of everyday life, that is the art of mindfulness, we feel comfortable in the present moment. We stop seeing things as good or bad but we see them from a neutral point of view. We are more kind to ourselves and others, because we recognise the eternal Being within us and in everything, so you decide to surrender and trust. The universe is an infinite intelligence that goes beyond our reason, let the silence of your heart guide you.

We are used to live in a time where things go fast with the technology revolution, we have to learn to stop, go in life more calmly, breathe deeper, and if the cunning Ego takes the initiative to take control, remember to observe and understand it, once this happens you learn to have compassion towards it. The origin of its conditioning is the unconscious repetition for many years, a vicious circle, however you have the power to discern and perfect attention to make the highest choice, the one that resonates most with your heart. The Ego is neither bad or good, it is only unconscious and we are learning a lot from it, but if we want to be like our creator we have to have the humility and willingness to contribute something better to this world and that is achieved by creating space. The earth is ascending and we are with it, it is time to allow our inner sun to shine and help ourselves with compassion to each other in order to return home, here and now.

This is what the awakening of consciousness is about, it began 7 years ago announced with the end of the Mayan calendar. Unconsciousness dissolves in consciousness, as you choose to identify with your silence and let it occupy more space, you will no longer need thoughts to convince yourself that everything is fine. To be like God is to know how to give without expecting anything in return, it is to leave behind those illusions that some manifestation will make you happier in the future than now, you are already happy, you are simply looking for happiness out there, with material things, when it always has been within you, in your heart and it is eternal.

Fernando Aguilar

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