How often do we remember to breathe conciously? if we want to live the present moment, we must remember to pay attention to our breathing during the day, making sure it's helping us to live in a state of calm and peace, that allows the mastering of the mind. It should be a daily habit. When the breath is calm, the mind harmonizes. The breath and the mind are intimately connected, in adverse states breathing is agitated and in peaceful states it is calm.

For meditation the breath can be an object of focus of the mind, remembering that meditation can be done all the time as the mindfulness practice as made it well known, just take in consideration we change positions as we move and do our daily activities. Sitting meditation is a wonderful practice, however for our own benefit it should not be the only position we meditate.

A calm breath has great benefits in the nervous system, stabilizes blood pressure, the heart rate slows down, the hormones that are being secreted will be more focused on resting, recovering and healing.

The mind is a wonderful tool and it allows us to exist in this plane of existence, however it can make us forget to breath properly and can be very repetitive, as it's always chasing something it will never have real satisfaction, hence we must meet our real selves here and now, in the present moment, where we can experience an intelligence beyond the mind by sticking to our inner silence rather than the same thoughts the mind is used to.

Just remember to breathe friends, we are already home in every now.

Silence and Meditation 🌞

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